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So many ways to give

There are many ways to support today’s residents and staff, make the Center for Conscious Living & Dying accessible to all, and be a part of this community movement to heal our relationship with death.

Questions?  Email us at


CCLD is a 501(c)(3) public charity and

donations are tax deductible.

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“After everything the current medical model taught me about death, there was still a whisper in my ear, a knowing in my heart,
that there was mo

– Aditi Sethi-Brown, M.D., Founder and Executive Director

Mail a check

Make it out to the Center for Conscious Living & Dying and send it to CCLD, PO Box 348, Swannanoa, NC 28778

Credit/debit or bank transfer

It’s convenient and secure to give online.

Monthly giving

The continuing support of donors who make monthly, quarterly, or annual gifts provides a strong base for CCLD to thrive. Just set up your preferences on the secure online portal. Or give us a call and we can help you over the phone. 828-273-0528

Donor advised fund

If you have established a Donor Advised Fund, you can recommend to that fund’s financial holder a grant to support the Center for Conscious Living & Dying. We ask that you please let us know if you’ve done this to ensure we know a gift is coming because of your request.

Give from your IRA

Instruct your IRA trustee to send a check or write a check directly from your IRA account to the Center for Conscious Living & Dying, IRS Tax ID: 87-3657907, CCLD, PO Box 348, Swannanoa, NC 28778.

Stock/appreciated securities

If you’ve held publicly-traded stocks and bonds, you may incur capital gains tax if you sell those assets. Consider donating them directly to the Center for Conscious Living & Dying instead. Consult your financial advisor about what is best for your situation. Gift stock through CCLD’s Stock Donator account.

Legacy gifts

Donating through your will or trust – of any dollar amount or percentage – is very welcome and provides for the future of our community.  Language to include in your will or trust: I give to Center for Conscious Living & Dying, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization located at PO Box 348, Swannanoa, NC 28778, Tax ID 87-3657907, ________ [a dollar amount or percentage of the estate or property to be donated] for unrestricted use. You can also make the Center for Conscious Living & Dying a beneficiary of your IRA, 401(k) or other qualified plan, life insurance policy, annuity or donor advised fund. Ask your financial advisor for guidance about your situation and contact us for help. When you add the Center for Conscious Living & Dying to your estate plans, we ask that you please let us know you have done so.  You then become a member of the CCLD’s Legacy Society. Your legacy of support will ensure that CCLD will be a consistent service for our community for many years to come.  (Legacy Gift Donor Notice -PDF coming soon!).

In honor of/in memory of

Many donors find satisfaction in making contributions to honor loved ones or members of the Center for Conscious Living & Dying members who may have been of support. You can make these gifts online or contact us for help.

In lieu of . . .

From time to time, a family will ask that – in lieu of flowers or otherwise – a donation be made in memory of their loved one to help future residents and families and/or to thank our dedicated staff and volunteers.

Pay-it-forward donation

If you have a close family member or friend who was cared for by the Center for Conscious Living & Dying and you would like to make a gift to pay it forward for others to receive similar loving care in their final days, you can make these gifts online or by check. Please let us know this is a Pay it Forward donation when doing so as we deeply appreciate these gifts and want to honor them in special ways.

Hold a fundraiser

When you invite your friends and family to donate to CCLD in honor or your birthday/special event/race/dance party/bbq/wedding/anniversary/[insert additional fun activity here!] - you support the good works of CCLD and expand community. You can create your own online fundraiser page at or contact us to learn more.

Scholarship donations

We aim to keep all CCLD’s services and programs open and inclusive. You can support us in achieving this goal by contributing to our scholarship fund. Your gift might support a Volunteer Member who finds the background check fee or monthly donation a barrier to being involved or help someone attend the death doula training program. Contact us at to learn more.

Employer Matches

Remember that many employers will match your donation, doubling your impact. Ask your employer for more information.

Create a Fund

Funds for specific purposes and for the long term may be established for resident financial support and other priorities. Creating a fund involves a gift of $100,000 or more, which can be made immediately or over two to five years. Contact us to discuss your ideas and goals. We’d be pleased to work with you.

Pledge a Gift

Your pledged support is deeply appreciated. Print the above form for a gift pledge you’d like to mail. (Donor Gift Commitment Form -PDF coming soon!)

In Kind Gift

Donations of goods and services are also warmly welcomed! Please contact us to inquire about making an in-kind gift.
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