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“The Last Ecstatic Days” is a film about a young man with brain cancer in search of community, and the hospice doctor who gives up everything to honor his dying wish.


Screening Dates

August 16 (7pm Online)  — Screening with Karen Sanders & Said Osio — View Event   

November 2 (7pm Asheville)  —  Screening + Spirited Improv with Jessica Chilton Story Parlor 

November 16 (7pm Asheville)  —  Screening + Writing Workshop with Nicole Brown Story Parlor

November 30 (7pm Asheville)    —  Screening + Tantra Workshop with Lee Warren Story Parlor 

Ethan Sisser, a young man afflicted with brain cancer, sits alone in his hospital room.  When he begins live-streaming his death journey on social media, thousands of people around the world join him and celebrate his courage. Still, Ethan envisions more – to teach the world how to die without fear.  To honor his final wish of filming his death, his doctor, Aditi Sethi, transports him to a quiet house in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Asheville, North Carolina. What unfolds next is a story that's rarely glimpsed: how a community of strangers helps an unhoused man die on his own terms.

A sensory immersion into leaving the body “The Last Ecstatic Days” reveals a man who will not let us forget him – even after he’s taken his final breath.

The Last Ecstatic Day LOGO (black).png

Inspired by her experience caring for Ethan,

Aditi founded the Center for Conscious Living and Dying.

The impact campaign for The Last Ecstatic Days will spread awareness of CCLD’s model to launch a community deathcare movement around the world. Check out the film’s impact campaign, subscribe to their newsletter for upcoming screenings, and follow the film on social media

Hannah Fowler, Director of Education & Producer of The Last Ecstatic Days

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