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CCLD offers workshops, trainings, and retreats for those seeking support to bring death awareness into their lives and to live with authentictiy and presence . We also offer opportunities to prepare for death and better understand the dying process.


CCLD members offer seminars for conferences and community events.



CCLD will offer death care training for end-of-life guides, volunteers and caregivers.

Workshops & Retreats

CCLD will offer workshops and retreats for those wanting to prepare for and contemplate on death and dying. 

Topics of workshops will include:

  • Advance care planning

  • Legal support

  • Practical support

  • Emotional and spiritual preparation


Retreats will be offered for those:

  • Interested in Conscious Living

  • Facing terminal illness

  • Engaged in caregiving

  • Grieving


Community Outreach

CCLD will offer workshops and presentations to our community schools, churches and other organizations interested in engaging in conversation around conscious living and dying.

“What enlivens me is talking about who we really are beyond these bodies, roles and personalities that will inevitably dissolve away. Maybe it's the fleeting nature of things that makes them beautiful in the first place. To really give generously from that place of gratitude for life itself, that is what infuses meaning.” 

- Hannah Fowler, End-of-Life Doula Educator

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