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“The more we remember how to walk one another home, the more we’re coming home to ourselves along the way.” 

- Hannah Fowler, Director of Education

CCLD offers workshops, trainings, and retreats for those seeking support to bring death awareness into their lives and to live with authenticity and presence. We also offer opportunities to prepare for death and better understand the dying process.

Training for our Volunteers

A perk of being a CCLD Volunteer is the transformative training you receive as part of membership. Volunteers experience a Cultural Immersion Day to connect with one another and to the culture of CCLD including live experiential practices to explore conscious living and dying. Volunteers interested in providing bedside direct care to our residents then go on to additional training: another in person retreat day to learn hands-on bedside practices, deepen into the CCLD culture, followed by 2 weeks of online training and Zoom calls specific to direct care. For information on becoming a volunteer, please email


End of Life Doula Training

At the heart of CCLD is community. As such, our end of life doula program will include 6 weeks of online course work, as well as an in person 3 day retreat on site, and followed by one week of bedside apprenticeship shadowing and caring for our residents alongside our trained volunteers. This program is for anyone - not just our volunteers or community members. Our doula program will not begin until the late fall of 2023. For inquiries on what makes our program unique, please contact

Retreats and Workshops

CCLD hosts many retreats and workshops on site, as well as bringing our heart-centered and experienced facilitators to other centers. Please check out our events for members as well as open community events on our “Home” page.


Presentations and Community Outreach

CCLD provides education about the mission, this community-supported end-of-life care model, and the conscious living and dying movement not only to local organizations and communities, but for conferences and summits worldwide. If you’re interested in CCLD presenting to your community, please reach out to or


CCLD also has membership groups that specialize in growing and connecting with others interested in spreading this model of end-of-life care and conscious living through our groups “Here We Grow” is for those interested in creating a similar end-of-life care home in your own community, and “Share the Care” is for those interested in bringing this care model into individuals’ homes who are dying rather than opening a community home or center. If you’re interested in either of these groups, please contact

“What enlivens me is talking about who we really are beyond these bodies, roles and personalities that will inevitably dissolve away. Maybe it's the fleeting nature of things that makes them beautiful in the first place. To really give generously from that place of gratitude for life itself, that is what infuses meaning.” 

- Hannah Fowler, Director of Education

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