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Get Involved with Us!

Did you know there are three ways to be involved with CCLD? 

Community Subscriber - This is for anyone who would like to keep up with what we are doing by getting a monthly newsletter and invitations to our public events.

Donor Member - This is a member whose contribution comes solely in the form of financial support. We cannot do this essential work without our donors! Large and small donations make all the difference. You may be an ongoing contributor, large donor, or legacy donor. 


Volunteer Member - This is a member who actively participates in offering time and service on a regular basis within this community.

For more Info contact:

Sheri Kay

Director of Resident and Volunteer Services

440-864-4232 or email

Sheri Kay.jpeg

“In working with those who are dying, I offer another human being a spacious environment with my mind in which they can die as they need to die. I have no right to define how another person should die. I’m just there to help them transition, however they need to do it.”

~Ram Dass

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