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'Last Ecstatic Days' national film festival journey continues in Washington D.C.

Photo: Ethan Sisser (reclining) with his mother (far right) and members of his care team. Still from "The Last Ecstatic Days" used with permission.

UPDATE Nov. 13: The D.C. showing of "The Last Ecstatic Days" is sold out!

With the help of the incredible crew of "The Last Ecstatic Days," the feature-length documentary telling the story that inspired the creation of our nonprofit, we continue to share our mission with the nation and the world.

Photo: Ethan Sisser, subject of "The Last Ecstatic Days." Still used with permission.

About the documentary

Ethan Sisser was a yogi, massage therapist, and health coach who was unexpectedly called to show the world how to die.

An exuberantly healthy professional body worker in his mid-30s, Ethan was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer in 2019. He lived with severe illness for 18 months after that, often in great pain, and came to Asheville, N.C. to die in community, and to try to share his story with the world.

Ethan chose with clarity and great conviction to share his end-of-life experiences with the world via social media, and now in “The Last Ecstatic Days,” the movie that documents the last 15 days of his remarkable life.

Click here for details about the D.C. screening, and please spread the word with your own community in the area who might be interested.


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