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Kendall Williams

Massage & Somatic Experiencing

For twenty years Kendall has been privileged to hold space for others on their healing journey.  As a mother, massage therapist, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, lover of the earth and mystic, she weaves many modalities together to co-create the ideal conditions for remembering one's wholeness. Kendall believes in a benevolent and wise higher power and perceives all wounding and gifts as portals into our authentic self-expression.  At this time of planetary transformation, she serves through helping us to listen deeply and speak our truth, tend to our bodies, and respond to ourselves with self-compassion.

Embodiment Ceremony - A ritual space for integration.  A 90 minute session to receive nourishing connection and support in the process of self-inquiry.  Within this highly personalized experience, Kendall attunes to your body's needs through touch, sound and reflective conversation. Sliding scale of $150.00 - 300.00 per session. Please email

Kendall Williams
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