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CCLD director Aditi Sethi to speak at TEDxAsheville 2024

Maybe you've already heard of TED, or watched a TEDTalk? Maybe you've even attended a TEDxAsheville event, a local platform sharing "ideas worth spreading" since 2009.

This March, a local stage will feature our executive director, hospice doctor and death doula Aditi Sethi (The Last Ecstatic Days), as one of nine people selected to speak at this year's event. As well as talks from nine presenters, tickets include audience participation, a box lunch from Everyday Gourmet, networking, and a Meet the Speaker reception immediately following the event.

If you want to be among the first to experience the message at the heart of Aditi's work as an advocate for conscious living and conscious dying, and as an emerging leader in community deathcare, get your ticket now.

A shift in our modern approach to dying is possible.

The impetus for this change isn't coming from our medical system, but from individuals and our communities.

It is time we move individually and collectively to a place where the dying process isn’t something we pity, a cause for disappointment accompanied by a sense of failure. An experience we ignore and deny until we have no choice but to look at it.

Rather, it is an experience we deeply acknowledge as an inherent part of this life, a part of our evolution, no matter how surreal or intense the emotions that accompany it. An experience we can prepare for throughout our lives.

-Aditi Sethi

The theme of TEDxAsheville 2024 is "Meet the Moment." It takes place Friday, March 15 at the Diana Wortham Theater in downtown Asheville from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Learn more about TEDxAsheville 2024 here.

Check out the eight featured speakers here: Jennifer Hough, David LaMotte, Andy Bobowski, Melissa Red Hoffman, Michael Rosenberg, Sally Coxe, Spencer Simril, and Madam Nselaa Ward.

Tickets are $65. Get your ticket here.


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