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Trish Rux

RN and EOL Doula

Trish Rux is an End-of-Life Doula and Registered Nurse.

Trish offers a background rich in study of death and dying and experience at the bedside of hundreds of dying people. She understands the physiological changes that occur and recognizes the comfort needs of each individual. Offering guided imagery, Healing Touch, relaxation breathing and recommendations for medical interventions, her caring presence and support are available in a holistic manner to the client and family.

She will assist you in defining your wishes and offers care before, during and after death. Services may include practical planning, vigil, instructions for care of the body after death and bereavement assistance to family and friends.

Most importantly, Trish sees working with the dying as a sacred calling.

Trish can be reached at 828-734-0882 or


Trish Rux
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