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Sarah Eisenstein NCLMBT/SEP

Reiki Tummo & Somatic Experiencing

I grew up on Sanibel Island Florida quite wild and free, feeling a deep connection to the island's nature and native people whose burial mounds are part of the ecosystem. My love of healing arts emerged volunteering with C.R.O.W. (Care & Rehabilitation Of Wildlife).


I graduated from Massage Therapy School at Boulder College of Massage Therapy (1997) and have practiced as a licensed midwife in Florida & Texas, as well as attending births in Israel, Guatemala, and Honduras. I completed midwifery training through Maternidad La Luz (1999) & Manna/FL schools of midwifery (2003).


I love to support others in accessing their full range of feeling, expression, enjoyment, and healthy processing of all that life brings as I discover this on my journey. I love living in Asheville with my partner, Steve, and our son, Ilan, and following our  daughter, Asia's, adventures as she pursues her passion as a nutritionist. Please email

Sarah Eisenstein NCLMBT/SEP
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