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Cassidy Walpole

Massage Therapist

I have been practicing massage and energy work since 2017. Much of my style is rooted in the heart-based practice of Thai massage and its holistic approach to hands on healing. I call on my clients to connect with their breath as a way to deepen the work. The flowy and embodied presence of Esalen massage has infused my sessions, as well as the energetic listening of Reiki healing. I have a heart desire to develop rich healing relationships with my clients that serve their physical body, but also touch and nourish their spirit.


My personal interests have called me to learn and practice compassionate communication, meditation, and herbal medicine. I have a love for embodied fitness practices, functional movement, and somatic awareness exercises. I believe in building a life that fosters vitality and healthy balance through discovering and strengthening our intuitive body wisdom. In 2024 I completed a health coach training through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. My coaching program supports individuals to develop their intuitive sense of wellbeing and take positive steps towards lasting change. Please

Cassidy Walpole
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