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Angie Azur is a holistic healer, life coach, and end-of-life guide, currently writing her Ph.D. dissertation in the Philosophy of Ancient Wisdom Fire Rituals. Holding a degree in Psychology, Angie brings a multi-faceted perspective to her practice. She has an impressive array of certifications in areas like End-of-Life Care, Toltec Wisdom, PTSD treatment, Sound Healing, and Art Therapy, presenting an inclusive approach to mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Angie's devotion to her craft is not merely academic but deeply personal and compassionate.

Her signature style of "heart-opening" focuses on creating a sacred space where clients can journey into transformative experiences—be it navigating life's milestones, discovering one's life purpose, or finding solace and understanding in the realms of active dying. Angie believes in the sacredness of all life transitions, celebrating not just birth but also embracing the profound journey of dying as a natural part of the human experience.

In addition to her individual coaching and healing sessions, Angie is an active community builder. She is a proud member of the Center for Conscious Living and Dying and a graduate of The Hoffman Process, as well as The Priestess Mystery School. Known in some circles as "The Bringer of Tears," Angie’s unique blend of academic expertise, intuitive wisdom, and empathetic guidance makes her a sought-after facilitator for those seeking meaningful connections and transformative growth.

With Angie, you're not just engaging with a coach or healer; you're partnering with a compassionate guide who walks alongside you through life’s most significant moments and transitions.

Angie Azur

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