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Angie Azur is a highly knowledgeable and empathetic Ph.D. candidate in Ancient Wisdom, with a degree in Psychology. With deep care for people in their time of need, Angie is dedicated to guiding individuals and couples through transformative experiences. She is highly trained in areas such as End-of-Life Care, PTSD, Sound Healing, Meditation for Relaxation, and Art for Healing, bringing a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her work. Angie's focus is on space-holding, heart-opening, and expanding inner and outer human connections throughout life, including during the transformative periods of birth and active dying. She is a devoted member of the Sisterhood of the Rose and guides Red Tent healing retreats and Women's Growth Circles. Her unique approach has earned her a reputation as a skilled and empathetic guide, known in some circles as The Bringer of Tears.